Caroline Wozniacki Pens “Letter To Her Younger Self” on The Players' Tribune

Published August 30, 2016

Caroline Wozniacki, senior editor at The Players' Tribune, has written a long and personal letter to her younger self that appears on the site.

In her note to "11-year-old" Caroline, she warned begging her not to put so much of her private life on social media.

“Give your fans some insights into who you are, and share some photos every once in a while, but please, please, please be sure to keep your most private matters private.”

She said to “savor each moment — not just the victories, but also the experiences, the relationships, the emotions. And when times get tough, look to your family for support.”

Wozniacki has appeared twice in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue hinting she may follow best pal Serena Williams and pursue a “second career” in fashion.

She advises: “Tennis won’t last forever, Caroline. Plan for your future. Think about what you’d like to do next and take steps to set yourself up for a successful life after you play your last pro match.

“You love fashion, so learn as much as you can about that field. If you can combine your passion for clothing design with all the business knowledge Dad will pass along over the years, you’ll be in great shape for a second career."

For more check out The Players’ Tribune’s “Letter to My Younger Self” by Caroline here.

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